Santa Cruz, big dreams, bike parts, ocean waves

After our great discussion with the Social Documentation Department at UCSC, we received a last minute invitation to present at the Bike Church. Though late at night, we brought together a great group of public school teachers, brown berets, students, bike activists, Central American solidarity activists, and sobre todo people who had lived and worked in Oaxaca and cared deeply about issues there. With coffee and bagels we discussed into the night: “education shouldn’t be just what they teach us in class,” “when will my vocation [teacher] have that feeling of solidarity and hope that I’ve seen in Oaxaca,”
“when will our media feel like Ours, could it inform and inspire us like the examples we’ve seen in Oaxaca,” “what would it take to create a movement like that in our own communities??”

Saludos a la banda en Santa Cruz!– it may be a small, “surfer” town, but you have big dreams and big possibilities. Gracias por todo!!


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