Los Angeles Events

A great beginning for our tour! We were warmly received and engaged by the organizations that we shared with during our few days in Los Angeles.

We took in an exhibit of ASARO (Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca) hosted by UCLA, Fowler Museum. It was strange to see our companeros work in the airconditioned, whiteness of a gallery instead of the vibrant streets of Oaxaca, but their pieces are always inpiring both in technique and message.

We shared October 12th (Dia de la Raza, or as our hosts called it, Dia de la Resistencia Indigena, Day of Indigenous Resistance) with the FIOB, Frente Indigena de Organizaciones Binacionales (Binational Front of Indigenous Organizations)

They sponsored an amazing lineup of music and speakers (plus artesania and mole!) See their flyer here.

The audience of largely Oaxacan immigrants was certainly well informed about the situation in Oaxaca which allowed us to go right to their insightful questions about the role of the Teacher’s Union currently, and the recent and ongoing police repression in Morelos, among other topics.

We then spoke to a gathering of community organizers at  SAJE (Strategic Actions for a Just Economy) for an evening of delicious food and discussion.  Organizers from different community organizations in South Central and greater Los Angeles shared stories of their work, strategies, frustrations, their communties and hopes.  It was an inspiring group of people dedicated to change (especially working around housing, gentrification, renter’s rights) who  saw the  struggles in Oaxaca as very connected to their own.

We hope to revisit our friends in Los Angeles when Teaching Rebellion is released in Spanish (donate towards this cause!!) as there are so many ways these movements can support and encourage each other.

Gracias a tod@s, sobre todo la Andrea, para el hospedaje, cafe y consejo- compartimos el momento de la llegada del primer libro- inovidable!!!


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