UC Davis, impactful discussion

Hardy, Kathy and Wendy, Gustavo and Melissa

Will family: Hardy, Kathy and Wendy with Gustavo and Melissa

The Teaching Rebellion Tour in Davis last night was a huge success. Over 75 people attended the event, and the discussion was very dynamic. We had the incredible honor of having Brad Will’s parents and sister at our event. They have been very active in the struggle for justice for their son and the other 26 people murdered in Oaxaca during 2006, and their presence and participatihon at this timely event was very moving and informative.

In the past few days, the Attorney General in Mexico has charged APPO activists with the murder of Brad Will, the NY-based Indymedia journalist who was shot to death by paramilitaries in Oaxaca on October 27, 2006. With the two year anniversary approaching, the state is under pressure to “solve” this case,
and so they have recklessly accused the very people who were with Brad when he was shot, and who tried to save his life.

This contradicts extensive investigations and reports done by the National Commission for Human Rights, the International Forensics Program of Physicians for Human Rights, and Reporters Without Borders, as well as other evidence including photographs taken at the scene, and the video Brad was filming at the very moment that he was shot. (por Magali Rabasa)


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