Que Corre la Voz, Portland

For some reason speaking on the radio makes me more nervous than speaking in public, but we embrace the opportunity to share on two different radio shows on community radio, KBOO in Portland:  Buscando Americas a spanish live program focusing on political issues and discussion, and Public Affairs program bringing the latest news and analysis.  If you missed the broadcasts, Friday at 2pm and 5 pm, excerpts of English interview will be re-broadcast on Tuesday 10 am, and hopefully all audio will soon be available on their website, www.kboo.org .  Thanks to all our friends at KBOO, an amazing space and exciting example of alternative community radio! 

The influence of KBOO was tangible in the enormous turn out at our Portland event that evening at Laughing Horse Books!  We ran out of chairs at this great independent bookstore- folks, infoshops and collectively-run radical bookshops are a struggling, give your local alternative some love and support! 

The Portland crowd was very informed and connected to Oaxaca issues- a lot of great questions about the role of media, mainstream and alternative and how to effectively be in solidarity with the movement members recently detained and accused of involvement in Brad Wills murder.   

Saturday, we had another live Spanish radio interview with a community station in Skagit Valley, WA, an area with a large population of Oaxacan migrants, www.ksvr.org .  Saludos Paisanos!  Que corre la voz solidaria!


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