Minneapolis, kicking off Midwest tour

We are warmly received in Minneapolis for an impactful Day of the Dead weekend to begin our midwest section of Teaching Rebellion tour.  We met with several well established groups with a distinct human rights focus.  Thank you to  Advocates for Human Rights, your work and teaching materials are an inspiration.  Our event at Resource Center of the Americas drew a great crowd of folks who have for many years worked on Latin American solidarity issues.  This amazing organization sigue luchando despite financial and organizational set backs.  Thank you.

With the amazing audience at Mayday Books we shared our hopes and frustrations for organizing in the US and Mexico in the face of economic crisis and political shifts.  With the folks at Bedlam Theater we honored the life and work of Sali Grace, an activist from the Unites States who was murdered recently in Oaxaca.

Our very international audience at the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center made for a memorable event as students, faculty and fellows from Philippines, Brazil, Russia, Iraq, Ecuador, India and Mexico shared their perspectives on social uprising and political ideology.

Please check out great new article by John Ross, about the Brad Will murder investigation posted at Friends of Brad Will


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