West Coast, nos estamos viendo!

We conclude our whirlwind tour up the west coast in Seattle, finding, as in all cities, old friends and new contacts that inspire us to do this all over again when we are able to print Teaching Rebellion in Spanish.  Discussion at University of Washington Law School touched upon the role of tourism in Oaxacan economy and movement strategies draw attention to deep injustices in the state through international solidarity.      

The group of professors, staff and students at Seattle University asked the important question- did US corporations play a role in the conflict, and we discussed the organizing against US-based factory that produced tear gas canisters used (often incorrectly mortally wounding some movement members) by Mexican Federal Police in Oaxaca.

The Spanish speaking and largely Oaxacan audience that we met with at Beacon Hill Public Library in Seattle reminded us again of the deep connections between the US and Mexico, and how immigrant communities in the US continue to be engaged and active in Mexican social movements.  Our friend and colleague Jill Freidberg was able to join us during several Seattle events, and her contributions to discussion were invaluable. For an excellent analysis on Oaxacan conflict check out her documentary, Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad.

Thanks everyone!

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