Interview with the Activist Accused in the Brad Will Case

The newspaper “Milenio” has published the first interview with the APPO sympathizer accused with the murder of American independent journalist Brad Will.  In the interview Juan Manuel Martinez explains that although he is an APPO sympathizer and did participate in the protests in Oaxaca, he never met Brad Will and was not even in the area that day when Will was shot.  “Everything they are saying is lies. There are a number of people who saw me in other places that day; I wasn’t in the street where what happened happened.  There isn’t a single video or photographic image that shows that I was there when Brad was shot.  I don’t understand how they’ve managed this injustice, but it’s obvious that it’s all lies.  As my lawyer says, I am a sacrificial lamb.” 

You can read the article in Spanish on the blog Frida Guerrera.


One response to “Interview with the Activist Accused in the Brad Will Case

  1. Act!!!!!

    Given that Brad was based in USA, our organization, Friends of Brad Will,
    is asking for Congress to take a public stand in demanding a hold on the
    moneys appropriated as part of Bush’s Merida Initiative (aka Plan Mexico).
    We’d like you to send a letter to Secretary of State Rice and the relevant Congressional
    Committee Chairs urging that

    i. allocation of funds appropriated in 2008 BE HELD UP because of the
    blatant cover up of the murder of u.s. journalist Brad Will;

    ii. more taxpayer funds NOT be provided (i.e. no new rounds of Merida
    Initiative funding);

    iii. all political prisoners in Mexico – including those activists wrongly
    charged with Brad Will’s murder – be released and accountability for the
    killing of Brad Will precede any future consideration of spending U.S.
    taxpayer funds on lethal aid.

    Please show your leadership on this important issue and reply in writing
    about know how are working to achieve justice for Brad
    Will and to stop the Merida Initiative.

    Yes we can bring more sensible policies to our politics. So, let’s start

    If you are already engaged, or were a first time voter and are excited about
    healing the violence of our country’s foreign policies, then contact your
    local Congressmember and Senator too. Let us know if you need help!

    Resources available at:

    *****SAVE THE DATE
    DECEMBER 10th, 2008
    International Human Rights Day to Stop the Merida Initiative.
    Volunteer to lobby rally, meet, forum or create an event in your local
    community. Our goal is an event in 100 Congressional Districts!
    We need local volunteers across the country!
    Email h.bubbins((AT))gmail(DOT))com

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