Press reviews of our book, Teaching Rebellion.

“These remarkable people tell us of the historic teachers’ struggle for justice in Oaxaca, Mexico, and of the larger, hemispheric battle of all Indigenous people to end five hundred years of racism and repression.” Jennifer Harbury, author of Truth, Torture and the American Way

“During their marches and protests, whenever the Oaxaca rebels sighted a reporter, they would chant: “Press, if you have any dignity, the people of Oaxaca demand that you tell the truth.” Teaching Rebellion answers that demand, with ample dignity, providing excellent context to understand the 2006 uprising and extensive and eloquent interviews with the participants themselves; an amazing read and an important contribution to the literature of contemporary rebellion.” John Gibler, author of Mexico Unconquered: Chronicles of Power and Revolt

Teaching Rebellion presents an inspiring tapestry of voices from the recent popular uprisings in Oaxaca. The reader is embraced with the cries of anguish and triumph, indignation and overwhelming joy, from the heart of this living rebellion.” Peter Gelderloos, author of How Nonviolence Protects the State. On our CASA website, we’ve reposted the full review written for ZMagazine by Peter Gelderloos.